I fell off the wagon.  THE-I-eat-healthy-and-take-good-care-of-myself-wagon-that-health-coaches-are-not-supposed-to-fall-off-WAGON.

  • I’ve been walking by the freezer one to many times to grab a Brownie Bite or two.
  • I haven’t been working out.
  • My one ball jar a day tea latte has crept up to two, sometimes three a day.
  • My jeans are beginning to whisper to me, “Hey girl, it’s getting a little tight down here…what’s up?!


So, my first feelings and thoughts around falling off the wagon were…

This sucks.  I’m depressed.  I feel like crap.  I’m a fake and a failure.

How did I let some of my healthy habits slip and get into this state?  Stress.

I recently undertook a big task.  I decided to rebuild my new website without any outside help.  The website support guys told me that learning this new platform would feel like going from grade school (my old website) to high school (this website) in one fell swoop.  And it did.  THE PROBLEM?  I wasn’t prepared.  I should have made sure I was doing this project in a balanced and healthy way.  Balanced by working out, eating well and not depended on caffeine.  But I didn’t.

But you know what?  Falling off my wagon was a good thing and confessing it is good for the soul.

Confessing feels like a mental detox.

SHARING YOUR SHAME TAKES AWAY THE POWER THAT IT HAS.  When you keep shame bottled up inside it takes hold and keeps you feeling really down on yourself.  When you release the shame and move on, it feels like you’ve just had a good, hard cry and can then start fresh.  More on shame here.

So this is where the rubber meets the road and the lesson comes into play:

When you fall off your ‘healthy horse’ you need to brush yourself off and get right back on with more compassion and self love than ever before.  If you try to get on that horse when you’re still beating yourself up, it will buck you right back off the minute it senses any shame or self loathing is involved.  So, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and TRY A LITTLE TENDERNESS…towards yourself.  

The road to LOVING YOURSELF HEALTHY can be challenging.  So keep OTIS REDDING in your back pocket when you’re having a rainy day.   When you keep in mind that health is a journey not a destination it softens your perspective.  It does take work, but most importantly it takes a strong commitment to love and support yourself.  This journey will have bumps in the road, but self discovery and joy will be right around the corner.

YOU ARE WORTHY OF YOUR LOVE AND COMPASSION FIRST AND FOREMOST.  That is the key to loving yourself healthy.  Lead with your heart and your mind and body will follow.

SO excuse me while I take my flawed but oh-so-loved self out for a nice, brisk walk.  The days of rain and hail are gone and it’s a gorgeous, blue sky kinda day. 




4 Responses to A CONFESSION, A LESSON and some OTIS REDDING love.

  1. Tricia Davies Nearn says:

    Lovely article, Lori! I love what you’re doing and I can so relate to the whole “falling off the health-wagon” thing. My one-a-day-but-gigantic cup of coffee has recently been sneaking up to two as well! It’s great that you are wise enough to allow your human-ness to shine through by sharing your personal struggles here. It makes me feel a sisterly camaraderie with you and gives you authenticity. Our feelings and thoughts about our bodies are often so toxic that learning to have love and compassion for them, even if they are not the size or shape that our inner critic has in mind, is the only sane way to live. The truth is, there is no ideal size and shape, there is only how we feel about ourselves. And that is the truth that will set you free!

    • lorinaon says:

      Thanks Tricia!
      I love that you said, “…there is no ideal size and shape, there is only how we feel about ourselves. And that is the truth that will set you free!”
      I like to think the road to physical/emotional/spiritual health begins with self care, compassion and awareness. Once we figure out this the rest just comes.

  2. Kari says:

    Well said, Lori! I so can relate. We are human, after all. Your post feels like a hug. And I love me some Otis. Thank you! 💕

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