Healthy CHOCOLATE Banana Split ICE CREAM {sugar free~dairy free}



This is one of our QUICK and EASY healthy treats we whip up when the mood strikes, SOFT-SERVE ice cream!  We use nut butter to add in a healthy protein and fat so it doesn’t mess with your blood sugar, because that’s how we roll around here 😉  The best part?  It’s yummy, healthy, AND you can even have it for breakfast!

The only ingredient you have to think ahead for are the bananas.  When they’re sitting out in your fruit basket and starting to come down with brown spots simply peel, slice into a container and pop in the freezer.  By doing this you have the base of this versatile frozen concoction!

Sorry, my bananas never look pretty.  Make sure you use an airtight container to keep out the frost bunnies. 😉

Healthy CHOCOLATE Banana Split ICE CREAM

Serves 1

3/4 cup (approx) FROZEN banana slices (or 1 medium banana)*

1 T cocoa powder

1 T peanut butter (my kids like peanut butter, but try almond or cashew butter for a milder taste)

1 T nut milk

small pinch of sea salt

*IMPORTANT: you need to work fast with the bananas as you want to serve this baby when it’s still frozen-ish.

garnish ideas

coconut chips (shown)

chopped nuts

fresh cherries


Simply dump all of your ingredients into your food processor and pulse until smooth.  You can also use a high speed blender (Nutri-Bullet or Vita-Mix).  I don’t because it’s easier access with the food processor.

Serve immediately.

banana split 2


If you’re in a pumpkin mood try our: Healthy PUMPKIN PIE Ice Cream








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