Hello there, I’m Lori.  I’m so glad you’re here.  I’m a 50+ mom of two here to share what inspires me ~ to help women feel healthy, vibrant and beautiful from the inside, out.

BEAUTY  I’m a licensed esthetician and cosmetologist who has one mission~ to help women feel radiant from the inside-out. I believe that self care is the key to self love, and when you take the time to pamper yourself and do what you need to do to feel great about aging gracefully, you can’t help but glow…inside and out.


HEALTH  I’m also a certified health coach (Integrative Nutrition). My philosophy? Physical and emotional health go hand-in-hand and being rigid around food and exercise 24/7 doesn’t work long term.  Health is a journey not a destination, and that journey for me includes not comparing myself to others, indulging from time to time, and never using the D-word.  I recently experienced the throws of menopause, so I had to practice a whole lotta self compassion … and buy bigger jeans in the process.  Our health ebbs and flows, which I think is part of being a woman, so when we’re in the ‘ebb’ it’s important to be gentle with ourselves  in order to find our way back to the ‘flow’.


SELF LOVE  saved me.  A healthy body image has been my lifelong struggle and Achilles heel, so I practice a lot of positive self talk to drown out the negative.  I talk more about this here.  Love Yourself Healthy is my mantra, because you can’t hate yourself healthy now can you?  You can read about my story here.

Thanks for visiting!

xo Lori

PS…Here’s some poster love for a little visual inspiration.

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