I wanted to touch base with all of you because I have a lot of great news and offers to share!  My plan is to send out a newsletter every month or two so I can keep things fresh and fun around here!

So here goes ….


*NEW* skin/spa HOURS: On Tuesdays and Thursdays I’ll be open later: 9-4:30pm.  I’ll also be open occasional Saturdays (skin appts only) for those of you that have a difficult time getting in during the week.  Saturdays will be by appointment only, so reach out to me via text (206-218-5225) or email ( and let me know what Saturday (or two) would work for you.  Here’s a link to my scheduling page.

*REVISED* skin MENU: Because all of my facials are completely customized, I realized that I had too many choices on the menu. So, fewer options to choose from will make easier decisions when booking.  On my SKIN PAGE you’ll notice a *revised* Glow & Go, Relax & Glow and LED Treatment menu.  So, each time you come in we’ll customize your treatments based on needs, wants and goals.

*NEW* SERVICE: I have an amazing new service called SKIN CLASSIC. This advanced treatment takes anti-aging to another level. A high-frequency probe is used to dehydrate the skin conditions that seem to appear around menopause. When the area is treated it scabs over and allows healthy, new skin to grow. This precision treatment works on the epidermis only (the top layer). So, in other words, it “treats the weeds and leaves the grass alone”. SPECIAL OFFERS: A complimentary test spot when combined with a facial and a yearly membership (Skin Classic Club) for $150/year. This annual membership allows you to treat areas in 15 minute blocks throughout the year. This an easier option due to the scabbing and healing process involved.

LASH LIFT & TINT: This service has been very popular! It really is nice if you like a natural look that makes your lashes appear longer and darker.  If your lashes are sparse, thin and on the shorter side, I recommend using my lash serum first. The results this lash serum produces are truly amazing, and you can’t beat the price.  The MSRP is $65, but I sell it to clients for $59.  There are other lash serums out there that are not only twice the price, but they’re also not as safe or ‘clean’.

NEW PRODUCTS: In addition to my main lines: Skin Script RX and Viktoria Deann peptide serums, I now have separate links/information for my grandLASH serum, Image sunscreen and a small line of my own (that Harper helps me with). I decided to create a small line of skin and body products because I couldn’t find specific, ingredient driven products to carry from other suppliers. My line has one product so far: Organic, Cold-Pressed Rosehip Seed Oil.  This anti-aging powerhouse is a great product to wear on it’s own, mix into your SPF or your night-time moisturizer.  SPECIAL OFFER: My clients will get my Rosehip Seed Oil ($14) and any other products made at a wholesale price… so what’s not to love about that?!

NEW CLIENT OFFER & REFERRAL PROGRAM: I’m still offering your first facial with me at 30% off.  The GLOW GO at $48 (reg $68) and the RELAX GLOW at $56 (reg $80).  So, if you’re inclined to want more ‘glowing skin’ please take me up on it!  In addition to this when you commit to a treatment regimen and come in every 4-6 weeks I offer a MAINTENANCE price (less than the STANDARD occasional facial price).  Also, when you refer-a-friend they get this great deal and you get the REFER-A-FRIEND 20% discount when you come in, along with any products you order.  A few ways to get referrals is by sharing links to my social media pages (Instagram and Facebook), forwarding this newsletter to a friend (newsletter online link), or by directing them to my website.  NOTE: I always ask how a new client found me so I’ll be sure to give you credit!


LOMA SALE: I have some LOMA special offers in the salon of: Moisturizing shampoo/conditioner/calming creme trios ($36) and a violet shampoo/conditioner duo ($27) that are available until I sell out. All other LOMA products will be 20% off through the month of February.

CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: I know most have you have noticed our family pictures on the wall downstairs by my talented client and friend, Diane Hutchings. In addition to my family pictures, Diane also shot my extended family over the holidays: my parents, siblings, and all thirteen nieces and nephews!  They not only turned out beautifully (when you consider fifteen people in one shot), but they also made a priceless gift to my parents! Since Diane is branching out into portrait photography (from landscapes), now is the time to book her at amazing prices!  So, if you’re looking to get long overdue family pics done, or have senior pictures coming up, I highly recommend you contact her.

Well that’s it for now. As always, thank you for being such wonderful clients and friends! I truly feel so grateful to be able to spend my time with all of you while you practice some beauty-therapy-self-care!

xo Lori










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