PLEASE NOTE: I use the PREMIUM Lavish Tan ‘EXPRESS’ formula.  This enables you to shower 2-4 hours after you have been tanned as opposed to the 7-8 hour development time with the original solution. 

Lavish Tan is the most popular airbrush tanning formula used among celebrities in Hollywood.  Lavish Tan is world renowned for the most natural color in organic airbrush tanning.

The majority of organic solution is made from carrot or beet extract, which results in orange and unnatural undertones. Lavish Tan’s formula uses organic apples, which oxidize into a golden brown color eliminating the risk of any orange, or red coloration. The brown sugar derived from organic apples gives the skin the most natural looking color. This is what Lavish Tan’s patent pending solution consists of.

The natural color of Lavish Tan can be customized for any skin tone. Lavish Tan’s long-lasting, even fading color will keep you golden brown for 7-10 days. In addition to our multiple magazine features for our beautiful color results, Lavish Tan was featured on The Doctors TV Show as the best airbrush tanning solution to mask cellulite, stretch marks and rosacea. Lavish Tan’s pleasant fragrance and faster drying solution allows you to get your glow on and go about your day.

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